Sherlock Holmes

Join us in celebration of Sherlock Holmes’ birthday for an immersive, interactive dining experience at The Ivy Café, Marylebone featuring music, guest interaction and a theatrical performance from the actors of Scripts for Supper.

For one night only, you’ll be treated to a murder mystery evening with the legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson. Created in partnership with Naked Grouse, you will be welcomed to The Ivy Café, Marylebone with a specially crafted cocktail, A Study In Scarlet which combines Naked Grouse Whiskey, ginger liqueur, cranberry juice and lime.

Alongside the entertainment, the evening will feature a three-course meal.

The Ivy Café, Marylebone’s society have been called together by chairman Sir John Innsbruck of Bleak Street for a celebratory reunion dinner.

But something is amiss on the streets of London.

Notable members of other societies are being found dead at the dinner table, and when Mr Innsbruck becomes the newest victim in this string of inexplicable deaths, there’s only one man who can help crack the case. But is this one even too perplexing for our eponymous hero, Sherlock Holmes?

What is really going on? Is their foul play afoot? Could it be that Professor Moriarty is back? And what happens if the bodies keep on falling?

We must all work alongside Holmes, Watson and the famous Irene Adler to solve this criminal case, following a series of individual clues hidden in objects, written on notes or played out by our actors.

Elementary my dear Watson.

Or is it?

Sherlock Holmes at The Ivy Cafe Marylebone